Friday, October 24, 2014

"If You Can't Have Kids Naturally, You Weren't Meant To Be A Parent".... said the meanest person ever

You will find me bounce all around my story since I'm starting well into it..... keep up with me :)

There's always the friend that is there for you.  But there is always the friend that isn't.  I never knew there was the friend that would hurt you with words so harsh they stabbed you in the heart.

A friend once said to me... "If You Can't Have Kids Naturally, You Weren't Meant To Be A Parent".  He, yes it was a he... was not saying this to me, but in context in a conversation we were having.  At the time, he didn't know much about my IF story.  As he said that, I informed him what a cold hearted cruel person I thought he was for saying that, basically, I went off on him.  How can someone say I'm not meant to be a parent.  Are you saying I'm not good enough?  Just because you and your spouse can think about getting pregnant and do with out hardly a thought to it, does that make you a better parent?  Yes I went off... used some colorful language... it was not my proudest moment.  Or was it?

He had no idea of my story.  No clue about my journey, my struggles, my let downs.  Once his statement had a personal impact on someone, it all of a sudden had a stronger meaning.  Yes after a long talk he apologized, the pain was already there.  It's not the first time I'd heard that.  In those specific words, yes... but I'd heard that "thought" before.  From strangers, from friends... even my family.   People that do not struggle with IF might be able to have compassion, and understanding even with out the struggle.  But there are most definitely those that never give it a thought, do not think about it even once, and never realize how painful of a journey it is.  Words slice... the next time you speak...remember you don't know the other person's journey.  Share your words, not pain.

I'm not yet a parent... but I'm a good person... and will be a good parent when my time comes.  I'm not a parent... but I have a heart... a soul... and I hurt just like you.  I'm not a parent...and I alone live in my empty solitude.

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